Wedding in Marrakech, the Taj Marrakech Weddings Villa is a reception venue, a unique residence to rent in Morocco for organizing incredible weddings :

A wedding ceremony celebrated by a local official beneath 100 years old olive trees, a wine reception on the terrace facing the Atlas Mountains, the wedding dinner next to the pool bordered with lanterns, a fire show, a brunch the day after the wedding and a pre-wedding dinner on a private terrace in one of the medina’s riads. weddings in marrakech

The house consists of 21 rooms and can host from 20 to 54 people in residence and another 20 to 150 guests in hotels and villas close by, with shuttles buses available.

Weddings Gallery : 1000 pictures on this link

Organizing a wedding in Marrakech :

Organization is the key to a successful Marrakech weddings. Morocco offers many wonderful venues to choose from but the actual organization is not always up to standard. Our main strength, apart from the actual venue, is concentrated around the logistical organization. The Villa’s team has been trained in event organization for many years. A wedding is one of the most important days of your life. We pay particular attention into making your day perfect.

5 settings, 5 specific organizations, 5 key moments of your wedding in Marrakech :

The wedding ceremony  is staged and decorated with special care. The 100 year old olive trees, the flowing curtains, the flowered canopies, the rose petal path for the bride’s entrance and then the very emotional bride. A unique moment for an extraordinary wedding. Bride and groom’s union, with the rings exchange, is lead by a ceremony officiant during a 20 to 30 minutes speech talking about cultures, personal stories, religions, and whatever you consider important. This moment is also the best to have your families and close friends to read a text, say some words, even sing a song if they feel like it ! At the end of the ceremony, bride and groom walk on the central alley cheering and kissing everybody and then come back in the arch for a unique photocall with everybody. A unique moment that will make the wedding exceptional. Ceremony Gallery on this link

Roof Top : After the ceremony and before dinner, you will enjoy a very special moment on the rooftop terrace of the pool house facing Atlas mountains while sun is going down. Very particular moment to chat, drink, dance if you want to the rhythms of the DJ’s lounge mix, take photos with your friends to make these moments eternal. On top of the DJ, you can also enjoy if you want live performances such as singer voice/guitar singing lounge covers of all the standards you like, or such as a band of drummers giving you a crazy African drums atmosphere to dance and watch a show of acrobats. Roof Top Gallery

The wedding dinner is served facing or around the candle lanterns lighted pool with an astonishing view on the unique bicentennial Japanese bonsai style olive tree. Bride and groom’s table and position is central, whether you decide a multiple round tables configuration or a long table banquet style set up. Facing the pool under the Moroccan lamps, around the pool decorated with a 500 candles “pool candle bed”.

While having dinner, drummers come back and a fire show is proposed at the very end of the pool, in front of the olive tree.

Eating the food of selected caterers and chefs, watching the show, drinking, talking, laughing, and then enjoying a dessert and a wedding cake of the shape and flavors you want made by a talented French pâtissier and arriving with your favorite music, launching the party.

Dinner Gallery on this link

The night becomes magic thanks to the unique atmosphere of Marrakech nights and prolonging the magic on the dancefloor with a professional DJ playing a playlist that will have been approved by bride and groom to only listen to sounds you love, your friends and family love, and not having one type of music or songs you don’t like.

Don’t forget to look at the “complete photo album” below and wedding videos at the villa 

Lunch is another highlight of your wedding days. Usually scheduled between 1PM and 5PM, prolonging the magic is once again the key word of your feeling of the moment when all friends and family who attended the day before dream wedding come back to share another moment with you. Tables are set at the shade of the olive trees where the ceremony took place the day before, rich buffet is set in the pool house to stay fresh. This countryside and pool relaxing afternoon chic garden party style will allow your guests to enjoy the different possibilities of the villa : being together around a table, relaxing alone on a sunbed or resting in a canopy bed at the shade, enjoying the pool, playing games…All you can do to recover from you day before emotions. Lunch Gallery

Welcome dinner day before wedding. Nice moment for a first night, ice breaking if people don’t really know each other, greeting for people who know each other but don’t have so many occasions to spend time together.

We propose 2 types of welcome dinners :

First is at the villa in our one hundred hanging lights moroccan tent, having dinner sitting on boho cushions around a chic small pool-like pond. Incredible set-up !

Gallery 1001 lights tent :  Video Link :

Second is the possibility to privatize the rooftop terrace of a restaurant riad in the medina (old town) so that you offer your guests something different, going through the small old streets to reach a magic place. Your guests will live a first medina experience living also the famous Jemaa el Fna Square atmosphere, before living another Marrakech the day after. Nothing too formal, rooftop terrace for you, buffet, drinks.

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