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Wedding in Marrakech, the Taj Marrakech Weddings Villa is a reception venue, a unique residence to rent in Morocco for organizing incredible weddings :

A wedding ceremony celebrated by a local official beneath 100 years old olive trees, a wine reception on the terrace facing the Atlas Mountains, the wedding dinner next to the pool bordered with lanterns, a fire show, a brunch the day after the wedding and a pre-wedding dinner in our beautiful 1001 lights and lanterns oriental white tent weddings in marrakech

Professional wedding planners specialized in wedding organization in Marrakech Morocco for 15 years, Villa Taj and its organization teams work with you as a wedding planner agency with a dedicated wedding planner for each wedding.

The house consists of 21 rooms and can host up to 52 people.

Extra guests can stay  in nearby hotels and villas. Transfers from hotels to Villa Taj can be managed by Villa Taj Organization.wedding in marrakech

Weddings Gallery : 1000 pictures on this link https://goo.gl/photos/sfLCpPueb8wFY3J59

Organizing a wedding in Marrakech 

Organization is the key to a successful Marrakech weddings. Morocco offers many wonderful venues to choose from but the actual organization is not always up to standard. Our main strength, apart from the actual venue, is concentrated around the logistical organization. The Villa’s team has been trained in event organization for many years. A wedding is one of the most important days of your life. We pay particular attention into making your day perfect.

6 settings, 6 key moments of your wedding in Marrakech :

THE WEDDING CEREMONY is staged and decorated with special care. The 100 year old olive trees, the flowing curtains, the flowered canopies, the rose petal path for the bride’s entrance and then the very emotional bride. A unique moment for an extraordinary wedding. Bride and groom’s union, with the rings exchange, is lead by a ceremony celebrant during a 20 to 30 minutes speech talking about cultures, personal stories, religions, and whatever you consider important. This moment is also the best to have your families and close friends to read a text, say some words, even sing a song if they feel like it ! At the end of the ceremony, bride and groom walk through the central alley cheering and kissing everybody and then come back in the arch for a unique photocall with everybody. A unique moment that will make the wedding exceptional.

Ceremony Gallery on this link https://photos.app.goo.gl/TmQRRERw9YQHKRxs8

ROOF TOP : After the ceremony and before dinner, you will enjoy a very special moment on the rooftop terrace of the pool house facing Atlas mountains while sun is going down. Very particular moment to chat, drink, dance if you want to the rhythms of the DJ’s lounge mix, take photos with your friends to make these moments eternal. On top of the DJ, you can also enjoy if you want live performances such as singer voice/guitar singing lounge covers of all the standards you like, or such as a band of drummers giving you a crazy African drums atmosphere to dance and watch a show of acrobats. Roof Top Gallery  https://photos.app.goo.gl/TuZX9VLbfoqaH55i6

THE WEDDING DINNER is served facing or around the candle lanterns lighted pool with an astonishing view on the unique bicentennial Japanese bonsai style olive tree. Bride and groom’s table and position is central, whether you decide a multiple round tables configuration or a long table banquet style set up. Facing the pool under the Moroccan lamps, around the pool decorated with a 500 candles “pool candle bed”.

While having dinner, drummers come back and a fire show is proposed at the very end of the pool, in front of the olive tree.

Eating the food of selected caterers and chefs, watching the show, drinking, talking, laughing, and then enjoying a dessert and a wedding cake of the shape and flavors you want made by a talented French pâtissier and arriving with your favorite music, launching the party.

Dinner Gallery on this link https://photos.app.goo.gl/PxhEpAt8DLPwGjcG7

wedding dinner in marrakech

THE WEDDING PARTY The night becomes magic thanks to the unique atmosphere of Marrakech nights and prolonging the magic on the dancefloor with a professional DJ playing a playlist that will have been approved by bride and groom to only listen to sounds you love, your friends and family love, and not having one type of music or songs you don’t like.

DAY AFTER BUFFET LUNCH is another highlight of your wedding days. Usually scheduled between 1PM and 5PM, prolonging the magic is once again the key word of your feeling of the moment when all friends and family who attended the day before dream wedding come back to share another moment with you. Tables are set at the shade of the olive trees where the ceremony took place the day before, rich buffet is set in the pool house to stay fresh. This countryside and pool relaxing afternoon chic garden party style will allow your guests to enjoy the different possibilities of the villa : being together around a table, relaxing alone on a sunbed or resting in a canopy bed at the shade, enjoying the pool, playing games…All you can do to recover from you day before emotions.

Lunch Gallery https://photos.app.goo.gl/gLh7AffVxw8vHkF79

lunch marrakech

WELCOME DINNER / day before wedding. Nice moment for a first night, ice breaking if people don’t really know each other, greeting for people who know each other but don’t have so many occasions to spend time together.

We propose 2 types of welcome dinners :

  • 1001 LIGHTS DINNER : First dinner can take place in a specific area of the property, that non resident guests can also reach from the backdoor of the garden with a path of carpets and lanterns taking them to the 1001 lights white tent area. An evening totally different from the one of the wedding, different area, different atmosphere, different decoration. An oriental night in this incredible tent around a long water pond filled with rose petals, a dinner sitting around the pond on low stools or on “normal” tables after a drink on the tent terrace under the bamboo wall.

rehearsal dinner in marrakech

Gallery 1001 lights tent : https://photos.app.goo.gl/tUw4EmxUjBiPx7zVA  Video Link : https://youtu.be/cxEbMGkvLg8

marakech dinner wedding


  • Third night can be dedicated to another unforgettable experience in the heart of the Agafay Marrakech desert.
  • From Villa Taj front door, ATV quadbikes, buggies or normal cars will take you to the desert area https://photos.app.goo.gl/PvMM3c2KWgignbfc7
  • 45 minutes driving or 2 hours drive by ATV or buggy, you will go through beautiful and out of time empty spaces with selected stops to enjoy the views.Reaching the camp, a specific set up is created to enjoy a magic dinner while night falls down. Cars wait for you to take you back to the villa after dinner.

agafay desert marrakech

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marrakech weddings


Staying with your guests

Staying with your loved ones at Villa Taj for your wedding means benefiting from a unique environment in Marrakech. Everything is there to ensure your serenity.

Villa Taj offers :

  • A rooftop and a terrace with a view of the surrounding countryside for pre-dinner drinks
  • A swimming pool, a jacuzzi and daybeds under our palm grove for your moments of relaxation,
  • Landscaped gardens to organize your dinners and lunches outdoors under our olive trees
  • An original 1001 lights tent for your welcome dinner with an open-air bar
  • Rooms and intimate lodges. Our modern riad has 21 rooms and can accommodate from 10 to 52 people in accommodation and from 10 to 150 guests for events and parties. If you would like more of your loved ones to stay closer to you, there are rooms in hotels and villas nearby. We also organize shuttles for various transfers (airport, city center, hotels, activities, etc…).

Located just 25 minutes from Marrakech city center, facing the Agafay desert, you will be at the perfect distance from the city if you want to discover the many secrets of the ocher city with your guests.

Planning an exceptional wedding at Villa Taj 

Staffed with an integrated event team with many years of experience, Villa Taj will know how to make the wedding you have dreamed of for so long come true. Villa Taj has also a great reputation for its unique wedding ceremonies.

We can offer you the following themes:

A bohemian chic wedding : very popular theme for the past 2 years, it has charmed many couples who chose it for their special day. A flowery and vegetal decor, a desire for authenticity and simplicity, sober colors in light tones, a bohemian chic wedding will embellish your entire ceremony. And the gardens of the Villa Taj represent the idyllic setting for this theme. Imagine an alley of white flowers under olive trees, your guests seated on either side, white veils hanging from the trees… This could be the ceremony of your dreams.

A Berber wedding : Whether you want to get married according to the traditional standards of Berber culture or you simply love oriental culture, we will be able to deliver an exceptional wedding. Processions, decorations, traditional caidal tents, entertainment and Berber cuisine, we have everything to organize an authentic Berber wedding for you. We also have 2 neggafas in our team who will make you sublime outfits.

A wedding in the heart of the desert : you dream of an unusual wedding that really looks like you? So say yes in the middle of the desert ! A lunar and extraordinary setting such as this is sure to be the idyllic place to mark the occasion on such a special occasion. We suggest setting up a nomad camp in the desert where you can share a group meal or enjoy appetizers as the sun begins to set before starting the union ceremony. You can also choose to configure your meals in a Moroccan format, seated on carpets with low tables to add an oriental charm to your celebration.

We know how important it is for a wedding to be perfect and unique to each couple. This is why Villa Taj and its event team listen to you to make this desire come true. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our services.