Morocco is a country with a rich culture and strong traditions. They are mostly visible during festivities such as weddings. The beauty of those traditions, their story and meaning are the main reasons why so many people want to celebrate their wedding in Marrakech. If you wish to get married in the Red City, this article will interest you.

Moroccan traditional wedding

Wedding traditions are still very anchored in today’s Moroccan culture, and include many mandatory steps and celebrations. . So, a traditional Moroccan wedding lasts at least several days, sometimes even almost a week. 

Tradition dictates that the groom’s family asks officially for the bride’s hand in marriage to the woman’s family. It’s a very important and symbolic step because it is the first meeting of the groom and bride parents’. The two families discuss the conditions of the wedding (the date, the cost of the different ceremonies, etc). It’s during this specific moment of the engagement that the fiancé offers his bride jewelry and gorgeous clothes. When the financial aspect is seen, the wedding festivities begin. 

The different steps of a moroccan wedding

Drib Sdak

Drib Sdak is the day when the bride and groom sign their marriage contract (Akd) in presence of the respective families and an Adoul, considered an auxiliary of justice in Morocco, who has the legal right to conclude marriages. The couple is both officially and religiously married and they celebrate it with their closest friends and family.

Father accompanying his daughter to her Moroccan wedding

Before the long wedding ceremony, the bride organizes a big party in her parents house during which the groom and his family bring gifts (jewelry, clothes, sweets..). 

Hammam Ritual for the bride

The first day of the official celebration of a wedding begins with a beauty and purification day for the bride with her closest friends and relatives (all women) in a hammam. This relaxing ritual includes massages, scrubbing, perfumery prep and waxing.

 Henna party

On the next day, the women decorate their hands and feet with henna thanks to the specialism of a Nekkasha. She knows how to choose qualitative henna and knows how to draw beautiful designs. During a lot of time, this natural paint, from a plant, was considered as a symbol of fertility, luck and happiness. This celebration is always accompanied by dances and chants. 

The wedding celebration day

It’s THE big day ! Generally, this celebration takes place in a rented place for Moroccan weddings. If you are looking for the best place to celebrate your moroccan wedding, discover the Taj Marrakech Villa, a unique place to celebrate love. While waiting for the bride to make her big entry, guests are received with mint tea and moroccan sweets. Then, the couple enter in the luxurious room, accompanied by the singing of Neggafates, the master wedding planner. One of the most awaited moments is Amaria Tour. The groom and the bride are carried in two wonderfully decorated seats (respectively called Mida and Amria) and lifted by four people. In the background, traditional moroccan music is played. 

Moroccan wedding celebration

After this emotional moment, everybody eats Moroccan specialties and finishes the night dancing. Finally, the newlyweds will spend the night at the groom’s house, where his family will be waiting for them with milk and dates, symbolising their wish for a sweet and peaceful life.

The different outfits of a moroccan wedding

Traditionally, the groom wears a jabador, a selham or a djellaba. Nowaday, grooms wear modern classical suits too. Bride’s outfits are more exciting. In fact, the moroccan bride can have up to 7 different outfits ! 

Dresses of a moroccan bride

Traditionally the bride wears 7 different outfits ! Today, she wears less thans 7, but this tradition continues because brides usually change two or three times during the wedding night. Here goes a recap of the main traditional outfits for a moroccan wedding :

  • A  green and gold caftan for the henna ceremony
  • A white Takchita which symbolizes purity for the beginning of the wedding ceremony
  • The Fassiya, which is an incredible dress with head ornaments worn during the Amaria tour. Generally, the Fassiya is white, gold green or white
  • A Rbatia,often blue representing Rabat’s region
  • A Sahraouia, a dress wrapped around the body as a tribute to the Moroccan Sahara region
  • A Soussia, a very colourful dress and decorate with Berber patterns
  • Mejdoub, a gold and embroidered caftan

Organize your moroccan style wedding

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Moroccan bride in Villa Taj Marrakech
Traditional Moroccan bride