Wedding venues in Marrakech

What to say about the incredible Villa Marrakech Taj except that it has been designed, created and thought to welcome the most prestigious and original events, by a team of long term professionals of brands and events.

Just the right place to make feel happy, impressed and comfortable all people attending a luxury event, product launching, a defilé, a gala dinner or just a party to enjoy the unique Marrakech feeling.

Villa Taj has been created to make every event some kind of journey.

You drive through a track just 25 minutes away from Marrakech center, drive along an old beautiful and typical Moroccan earth wall, and reach the main door.

This is the main entrance to Paradise. A natural and beautiful venue for parties, product launchings, gala dinners that you can also custom as you wish to.

First, a tree, this tree, the tree, a big centennial olive tree cut bonsaï style that will immediately put all people attending the event , just pass by, walk through the first lounge, and welcome to paradise.

Branded area for our partners, the first vision of the spaces is another olive tree, more stunning than the first one because it has the Atlas mountains as a background and creates the limit with the small pool and palm trees area to welcome your guests around drinks and snacks for welcome greetings.

Moment 2 : Guests climb the stairs to reach the rooftop terrace and enjoy the incredible view on the mountains, the countryside and the Agafay desert.

Moment 3 : Gala dinner on a long banquet table or round tables, dinner prepared and designed by a French Chef, decoration by our teams of table design and florists, customization by our partners, incredible view on the long 25 meters pool at the end of which appears, in a halo of light…the third olive tree bonsai of the property.

Defilés along the pool, projections, laser show, it’s all about the brand. Always in taste and beauty.

Moment 4 : The lantern tent, beautiful area with hundreds of hung lanterns upon a water pond and a space to eat, drink, or attend another defile, or just to party.

Guests will be leaving the place at night, just realizing that they have lived something like 4 experiences in one, 4 experiences on which we will have worked together to make all their senses used from their arrival to their leaving. Playing with sounds, flowers, fragrances, visual effects, smoothness, fresh products used by the Chef for the dinner.


Villa Taj, the Moroccan way to say Heaven

Villa Taj is also the perfect venue for all the Marrakech weddings events, a place aslso dedicated for marrakech weddings

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